About Simon

Building better television for over twenty years

Simon Dekker produced his first broadcast series Ballooner Landing in 1991 and 1992, delivering twenty six episodes to broadcasters in Canada (WIC) and USA (PBS) and winning the series a CanPro Gold for Best Children's Program, B Market.

In 2014, Simon was showrunner and executive producer for Twisted Tales of my 9 to 5, delivering to Investigation Discovery US through GRB Entertainment and Great Pacific Television. The series, featuring stories of criminal activities in the workplace, premiered network-wide in September 2015.

Simon produced three episodes of the VisionTV strand, I Prophesy:The Future Revealed. Examining the world of end times prophesy, stories include the Blood Moon phenomenon, Malachi's Prophesy of the Popes and predictions for the future by famed American prophet Edgar Cayce.

Simon produced Edge Of War for Discovery US / The Military Channel. This six-episode series explores how wars erupt - including 1939's invasion of Poland by Germany, MacArthur's invasion of Korea, the Cuban Revolution, the bloody1979 conflict between Iran and Iraq, the invasion and retaking of the Falkland Islands in 1982 and the US invasion of Panama in 1989.

Simon produced season eight of Crime Stories / Deadly Intent for Arts & Entertainment Biography, Astral and Investigation Discovery. Telling eight one-hour stories of crime, investigation and apprehension, he and his team delivered eight one hour episodes in twenty weeks from research to final program delivery, using his 'accelerated production method'.

Simon co-produced season one of the science and technology series Innovation Nation. Exploring the leading edge of technology, he delivered six episodes to network (Discovery Science and CTV) and produced a web portal (www.innovationnation.tv) that included oversight of a global inventor's contest.

Simon has crafted a feature-length documentary about hockey fans (Puckheads), a celebrated horror short (The Execution of Margot Rumebe), and an art-house dance film (Dance to This).

He has produced over one hundred agency television commercials and supervised production on many more.

Simon's un-produced written works include a romantic comedy Recipe for Love, the Kafka-esque A Question of Judgement and the kid's animated series Plato's World.

Simon project manages properties in development - including writing concept, treatment and synopsis, producing sizzle reels and creating sell sheet creative. Development concepts include How I Died, I Captured a Killer, Mad World and Killer View.

Simon continually refines his technical skill set, using state-of-the-art technologies to tell compelling, viewer-friendly stories. He diplomatically manages staff, crew and contractors.

A series producer at the top of his game, Simon writes and controls budgets. He leads research, directs scriptwriting and story edits. He manages principal photography (re-enactments and interviews) and guides visual effects production. On the post side, Simon oversees picture/sound editing, sound/music production and technical adherence. Simon interacts directly with network producers - managing revisions, approvals and deliverables.

Simon Dekker's work has been invited to festival in Canada, USA and Europe and has screened publicly at the National Gallery in Ottawa and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Simon has won a Worldfest Gold Special Jury Award (Houston), two Rosies (Alberta Film and Television Awards), a Silver Summit Creative Award (Portland), a Golden Sheaf Award (Yorkton), a 'Best Movie' award at Toronto's ReelSound Festival, a 'Best Movie' award at the Florence DigiFestival (Italy) and in April 2013, won the 'Audience Favourite' award at the Puppets on Film Festival in London England.


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