I Prophesy
Blood Moon

A close examination of Biblical prophecies reveals that highly unusual celestial events could foreshadow the end of the world in 2015.

Are we on an unstoppable march towards global devastation? The planets are aligning for something spectacular in 2015, causing many people to believe life on Earth will come to an end. Blood Moon examines how new speculation on the Apocalypse is grounded in Biblical ‘end times prophecies’, making surprising connections to a series of unusual heavenly signs precisely forecast by NASA. We delve into the meaning hidden in the prophecies and the ancient Biblical feast days that are all connected with uncanny timing to a number of impending environmental changes in the sun and moon, marking the most devastating day in history.

With an ever-increasing sense of urgency we utilize modern scientific thought and research to shed new light on prophetic mysteries that have puzzled scholars for centuries. Experts in Astronomy, military strategy, and Biblical study weigh in on how real the possibility is that our entire planet will soon meet its terrifying end. Employing cutting-edge visual effects and stunning re-enactments we dissect some of the most famous prophetic writings of all time, removing their enigmas layer by layer to reveal what truth they hold in the world of today and why their message might be more relevant now than ever. We focus on scientific forecasts for the immediate future of our planet while uncovering how age-old Apocalyptic warnings might be on the cusp of ultimate fulfillment.