I Prophesy
Edgar Cayce

Nearly 70 years after his death, trance psychic Edgar Cayce continues to mystify with terrifying predictions of future calamities.

American trance psychic Edgar Cayce came from humble beginnings, and although he ultimately reached world-wide fame, he conducted his life with the simple goal of helping others with his incredible gift.

Born in Kentucky in the late 1800s, it wasn't until Cayce sought help for a debilitating case of laryngitis – by undergoing hypnosis – that he discovered his unusual talent for identifying causes and suggesting remedies for health problems. Putting himself into a self-induced trance state, Cayce was able to channel very specific medical information 'from beyond' - information that healed many. Word spread quickly and before long, Cayce was inundated with hundreds of requests from around the world. He would go on to give thousands of successful 'health' readings before delving into more controversial subjects, including 'future events' such as predicting wars and the death of presidents. But it is his 'earth change' readings that warned the world of future global destruction that continue to captivate the imagination of the public.

Seventy years since Cayce's death, his prophesies seem more relevant than ever. In a time when our world continues to exhibit catastrophic and unprecedented changes, it seems the end could be closer than ever. Though the veracity of Cayce's claims are still challenged by skeptics today, his followers point to his vast reserve of successes as proof that he could cross space and time to heal, that he could see into the past to inform us, and into the future to warn us.