Edge of War
Hitler’s False Flag

Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany and the events that start World War II.

A failed coup attempt and a stretch in prison give Adolf Hitler time to think. He emerges from jail determined to take total power. Using deception, manipulation and personal force of will, he takes his belief in manifest destiny to a receptive German people. His message is Lebensraum – living space – for Germans. Elected to power, he creates a military and propaganda machine never before seen, and puts into action a plan for retrieving German land lost in World War I. Tensions in Europe are run high over German demands, yet Hitler charms British PM Neville Chamberlain into believing there can be peace.

When Hitler backs out of his non-aggression pact, Chamberlain backs Polish leader Edward Smigly-Rydz – promising that Britain will defend Poland in case of unprovoked attack. Now Hitler needs a reason – a justification – for war against Poland. He turns to Nazi intelligence chief Reinhard Heydrich, who enlists SS recruits to pretend they are Polish soldiers. And one final essential ingredient: victims – who won’t be missed – will be gunned down and left as evidence of the Polish attack.

On August 31, 1939, the operation goes ahead. ‘Polish’ attacks on German sites are reported worldwide. It is among the first ‘false flag’ operations in history, and Hitler now begins his quest: Blitzkrieg on Poland.