I Prophesy
Prophesy of the Popes

An 800 year old prophecy tracks humanity's march toward an ominous and destructive Judgement Day.

June 12th, 1139. A humble Irish priest named Malachy sets out on a pilgrimage to Rome. Upon his arrival at the Vatican, he discovers that the holy father is not the man he expects. Corruption and sin run rampant throughout the medieval church. The pope is more politician than he is religious leader. Disgusted, Malachy curses the papacy and the church foretelling of their destruction, and the coming of Judegment Day. The possessed priest writes 112 Latin phrases, each corresponding with a pope to be - an unbroken line of holy fathers stretching 800 years into the future, like a ticking time bomb.

Today, Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes is still coming true with unprecedented accuracy. What's more, the unbroken list of pontiffs is nearing its end. Our current Pope Benedict XVIth, is the last to be named. After his death, according to Malachy, the stage will be set for the coming of the Antichrist; the wrath of God will again touch the Earth and Christ will return to judge his people, as described in the books of Daniel and Revelations.

But what will this modern day Armageddon look like? What form will our destruction take?

As the last pope celebrates his 86th birthday, signs of the end surround us. From increasingly unstable tectonic activity and overdue volcanic eruptions, to unstoppable super-viruses being bred in cutting edge laboratories, the modern apocalypse may prove to be far more deadly than anything that's ever been described in the bible.